Ears surgery

Correct and harmonize the aesthetic appearance of the ears

Subjected to mockery from childhood, prominent ears can represent an important psychological discomfort that can easily be corrected by an otoplasty. This type of made to mesure plastic surgery rectifies an aesthetic flaw, due to an anomaly of the cartilaginous skeleton that otherwise does not cause any hearing disorder. Equally, fragile skin of the lobe that may be split, perforated or torn due to the wearing of earrings or traumatism, requires surgical correction.

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    The ear lobe is the inferior part of the auricle. It is made of fat tissue with no cartilage. The auricle is a very fragile and vulnerable area: the skin is tender and not supported by cartilage, u... read more

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    The correction of prominent ears needs a surgical procedure called otoplasty, aiming at reshaping the auricles considered excessively too visible.

    The surgery is usually performed on the tw... read more