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Esthetic surgery procedures practiced by Doctor Christelle Santini, plastic surgeon in Paris 


Esthetical surgery and esthetical medicine of the face and neck


- Neck-face lifting, facial rejuvenation

  • - mini face and/or neck lifting
  • - Mid-face lifting
  • - Temple lifting, non-endoscopic
  • - Forehead/Frontal Lobe lift
  • - Blepharoplasty, eyelid rejuvenation
  • - Lipofilling, facial lipomodelling
  • - Rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty
  • - Correction of protruding ears (otoplasty), split lobe

- Facial peeling 

  • - Botox or botulinum toxin to correct frown lines, crow's feet
  • - Facial fillers, Hyaluronic acid and facial Mesotherapy
  • - Increase or decrease lip volume



Esthetical breast surgery


Mammary augmentation 


- Mammary augmentation with mammary prosthesis or mammary implants, increase breast volume

- Breast augmentation by injection of autologous fat or breast lipofiller



Mammary enhancement


- Correction of "sagging breast" : mammary ptosis correction or breast lift




Mammary reduction


- Breast volume reduction : mammary reduction surgery




Mammary reconstuction



- Breast malformation : agenesia, tuberous breasts, asymmetrical breasts, invaginate or umbilic nipples (non outward)

- Breast recontruction following a mastectomy (breast ablation)

- Breats reconstruction with prosthesis or flap procedure (Dorsal or DIEP)

- Lipo-structure on a recontructed breast following a mastectomy

- Scar reparation from breast cancer surgery (tumorectomy...)

- Reconstruction of the areola and nipple




Esthetical surgery of the figure 


- lipo-aspiration or liposuction

- Abdominoplasty or surgery of the abdominal wall, lifting or mini-lifting of the abdomen

- Thigh lift

- Arm lift

- Calf implants

- Buttock implants

- Buttock lipofilling








Implants Capillaires et Chirurgie de la calvitie



Chirurgie cutanée



Chirurgie esthétique intime




Docteur Santini Chirurgien esthétique Paris
Docteur Santini Chirurgien esthétique Paris
Docteur Santini Chirurgien esthétique Paris