Nose surgery-Rhinoplasty

Correcting the shape of the nose with aesthetic rhinoplasty

Thanks to rhinoplasty, the face gains in harmony as rhinoplasty focuses on the central organ of the face: the nose.

Rhinoplasty helps correct an ill-proportioned nose by altering its profile and its look.

Rhinoplasty usually consists of refining or redesigning the relief of the nose, by reducing the bone and nose cartilage.

Rhinoplasty is most often performed for a purely aesthetic purpose, but rhinoplasty or more accurately rhinoseptoplasty can also provide an effective solution for an old fracture of the nose or any breathing related discomfort. Rhinoseptoplasty allows us to straighten a septum or a deviated nose.

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    The term Rhinoplasty refers to cosmetic and plastic surgery of the nose. It is a cosmetic surgery operation that changes partially or completely the shape of the nasal pyramid and can also... read more